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Multi Lock Redgum Fence Dropper

Design Reg. No. 129550


1. Quality Production – Made from 100% guaranteed, strong, knot free, hardwood. Moulding corrects to exact sizing, removes sawdust, splinters and shavings;

2. Multi-lock dropper is less affected by heat and fire;
(a) Very resistant to buckling and fire.
(b) Wire tension – the stronger dropper doesn’t bendand will hold its shape.
(c) Normal stock impact- Resists breaking or buckling from stock pressure;
(d) Angled grooves:
Resists dropper sliding along fence wires;
Makes assembling a fence easier. Alternating, angled grooves hold dropper firmly on wires whilst tying with clips.
Less rust – self drainage action of angled grooves improves wire life.

Fence Dropper

Multi Lock Fence Clip

1. Faster, Easier Tie On:
(a) New shape- ensures correct, firm positioning every time.
(b) One simple half-turn of wire key.
2. Tangle Free:
(a) Easy handling.
(b) Bundled in eights.


Redgum Dropper Supplies Australia Pty. Ltd.

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Fence Dropper

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